Chris and Jane’s Day Off.

This year and for the first time ever Chris suddenly expressed a desire to visit The Big E.

For those who don’t know, The Big E is the Eastern State Exposition. It’s sort of New England’s answer to the Iowa State Fair. What the heck got into Chris to make him want go I have no idea.

Oh, wait, yes I do. That. He’d heard about that. That is a one pound meatball.

My only memories of The Big E are from having gone as a kid way back in the 1970’s. I vaguely remember there being some farm animals, some seemingly boring State exhibits, lots of amusement park rides (not one of which I ever rode on) and Hitler’s car. For some reason, the prospect of seeing Hitler’s car has left a lasting impression on me. These days the notion of Hitler’s car sounds like the butt end of a joke to me.

Hitler’s car was nowhere to be found on this trip but there was this.

Not to be confused with this.

The entry price of a dollar which hardly seemed worth it considering the behemoth below was being led through the crowd for free. A Clydesdale.

Note the man with the shovel.

There weren’t as many farm animals as I remembered but we did find some goats. Goats are so cool. They’re always inquisitive and they’ve got those nifty sideways eyes too.

Here’s a sheep. Sort of.

And a bear.

Not really.

There was a parade of sorts which we blithely wandered into the back of before it had even gotten started. I think we were looking for water or ice-cream or pie or something when – puff – we were behind the scenes of a parade.

There were three or four marching bands but this one might have been the best dressed.

And that’s a 1942 Ford painted Air Force blue. That is not a Jeep. The owner told me that, weather permitting, she and her husband drive the not-a-Jeep in the parade every day at 5:00. The parade always starts at 5:00.

The Air Force was there too. A few officers and lots and lots of sergeants – as if they hadn’t had a choice about attending.

And when these guys walked briskly by my reflex was to snap their photo because, holy cow, did they ever look like goons – ya know?

But later, during the parade, when they passed by sitting in the back of a Cadillac I finally figured out that they were supposed to look like Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson and Robert Di Nero. Because, that makes sense.

That’s makes about as much sense as clapping for a school bus.

There were these guys in pith helmets too. I didn’t understand their presence either but I do love a pith helmet.

About the big meatball – we never found it. But we did find this place – a tiny tented Hofbrauhaus.

The Hofbrauhaus shined compared to some other culinary options.

This soft serve place with its purple cow was appealing but by the time we found it we were ready to come home.

We’d seen enough. We’d had a fun day at the fair.

That’s it!

Bonus photo: The two of us together. Some nice man offered to take our picture. I did not expect that to happen.


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“You want to talk to the cat?” is something I’m always tempted to ask whenever telemarketers call but usually I just bark, "Code word, please!"
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One Response to Chris and Jane’s Day Off.

  1. Cynthia Schaedig says:

    I like the lack of lines for food… I guess the lesson is go mid-week on a cloudy day.

    By the way, I once took in a homeless young street urchin in St. Paul for several months whose father restored classic cars in LA. According to her, he was the one who restored Hitler’s car. It was his pride and joy.

    ….I’m also quite certain her father was part of the reason she was living on the streets and had such terrible nightmares and fears. It was also interesting that she looked to be about 13, and was actually 36. A troubled but basically good kid.


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